Comparing with Heat and Lakers

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Comparing with Heat and Lakers

Post  Baven001 on Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:22 pm

Heat: weak coach, Big Three, need time to communicate
cheap nike shoesHeat coach Pat Riley, if not, still the rookie, then Miami's biggest weakness will be exposed. Although the ball quotient of the three giants is still good, especially James, but to go fight against with Lakers,if the Big Three put hope on the coach,losing will be more possible.the Big Three together in the strength of the strong fear enough to emulate Michael Jordan Bulls triangle. buy nike shoes two guards, one word to say :It's amazing.
Lakers: super coach,super star, experienced
Zen Master, we do need to say too much. In addition to losing a bit callow Rivers disgrace, possessed nothing to say. Coach Competition, if not pressure the old K, which is comparable in terms of it. Nike Shoes Online Store After all, the dean of a university, an adult master.Superstar Kobe Bryant, the guy never admit defeat. There he was, a miracle on. Furthermore, Gasol will do well, known in Europe is Durant can not match.Experience of many, not casually make do with the Miami Heat to par. dominant superstar Heat, the Lakers dominated the experience. nike dunk To play, who will won? It's written by Exuceseyou on 9.13.


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