Nike shoes' technology

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Nike shoes' technology

Post  Baven001 on Mon Sep 20, 2010 7:53 pm

Nike's technology will not always static, in the shoes of today's competitive market, the advancement of technology is the advantage of market share, the nike technology are main put on basketball shoes, after all,that is Nike shoes' main nike shoes but the other shoes also use the advantages of this technologied. many of the other competitors has been imitating Nike's technology,it reflects the progress of Nike shoes from another perspective.
Nike shoes reflect the latest developments in science and technology high-tech integrated application. SDMTriax 100 is representative, it uses the information devices in running shoes. SDM Representative Spped Distance Monitor. buy nike shoesIt can measure by the accuracy of more than 98% of running distance and speed.
The new technology make the Nike shoes light and strong sensor, can send an accurate distance and speed information; a large area of rugged display watches; lined with abrasion-resistant mineral crystal glass; Nike Shoes Online Storevery solid stainless steel Gou Yan, shoelaces, after deduction and help; contains two time zones 100 meters waterproof sheet; very flexible shoes and Nike shoes highly elastic filler. Measurement system in the shoes, the measurement data and wireless transmitters to the watch nike dunk sb This is a manifestation of high-tech Nike shoes, organic combination.It's written by Excuseyou on 9.21.


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