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Nike has a reputation for releasing shoes based on horror flicks. Cheap jordan shoes.previous releases include shoes that were based on a ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and ‘Friday the 13th’ and it came as no surprise when they released Nike “Freddy Kruger” Edition, a shoe thats based on your favorite scary guy, in the movie, Nightmare on Elm Street.
Needless to say, this shoe has a bizarre bloody design, it sports green and red stripes with blood-like stains all over. The top has the nike sneakers logo that looks like a claw and goes well with the general theme of the shoe, while the bottom has Freddys skin. The inside of the shoe has Freddy’s face.
This is obviously not your typical sports shoe,nike air force so the mid-sole cushioning isn’t ideal for exercise or sports use, however, its a niche product that's fairly comfortable for casual use.
Personally, this shoe isn’t for me, it looks bloodied, ragged and stained and is bit too aggressive for my tastes, but then, they are attention grabbers and make for the perfect halloween purchase,cheap jordans.
IT’s writeen by Eddy on 4.28.


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