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Travel To Hong Kong, Destination Hong Kong, Hong Kong Restaurants

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A Guide To Hong Kong Arts & Culture

Source : Travel To Hong Kong l Destination Hong Kong l Hong Kong Restaurants

Discover Hong Kong’s Unique Art and Cultural Heritage
Hong Kong has a unique and colourful past. Today’s cosmopolitan city has been shaped by centuries of Chinese history and heritage combined with more than 150 years of colonialism, giving it a flavour and atmosphere unlike any other city on earth.Beyond the gleaming high-rises, the glitzy shopping malls and the wealth of dining establishments, Hong Kong’s streets and alleyways are alive and buzzing with the cultural and artistic influences that dominated our past and created the city we are today.

Take time to immerse yourself in our architecture, our traditions, our lively art scene and our exotic fusion of East and West influences, and you will experience a Hong Kong with an extraordinary past to match its extraordinary present.

This guide uses the work of seven renowned local artists to spotlight artistic and cultural highlights in six districts and areas, as well as detail our wide range of events and festivals.


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